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It is the belief of SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) that we truly can make a difference in the life of a service member who has chosen to put their safety at risk while defending our freedoms and that has suffered personal injury in that endeavor. 

SOWW feels that there is not a more deserving group of individuals than our Special Operation Forces members that frequently stand in harm’s way for the protection of our freedoms, often with little or no recognition.

If you feel like we do, learn how you can help support these brave individuals.  

Providing unique outdoor experiences and targeted therapeutic treatments to the deserving men and women of our U.S. Special Operations Forces that have sustained wounds in battle and/or in significant service to our Country.

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We put a lot of hard work into recognizing, recruiting, and verifying all of our Wounded Warrior Participants at any of our events. All participants are thoroughly vetted prior to our issuing an invite for any of our activities. SOWW relies heavily on our partnership with SOCOM’s Care Coalition and also on other relationships within the SOF communities to field our candidates.


Special Operations Wounded Warriors is proud to provide partnerships with various Psychological Health & Performance professionals to support our Active duty and Veteran Reset program.

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SOWW is thrilled to partner with our friends in charity, Baden K-9, for the purpose of providing needed service dogs to Special Operators. Baden K-9 is a Christian family operated and owned business which was started over 40 years ago. Baden K-9 provides advanced training including but not limited to service dogs, family protection dogs, and law enforcement or military animals. 

“I just wanted to say Thanks for having me. The hunt was awesome and the time spent with like minded individuals was even better. It made me realize how much I really missed my time with the guys. Great stuff. Thanks for all you are doing for all of us!”

Jason "Jay" Redman

Author of The Trident Motivational Speaker Founder of Eagle Rise

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