Operator Reset Week

Special Operations Wounded Warriors is proud to provide partnerships with various Psychological Health & Performance professionals to support our Active duty and Veteran Reset Week program.

Operator Syndrome

First defined in 2020 by Dr. Christopher Frueh, Operator Syndrome describes the specific and unique group of cascading effects that can challenge the health and well-being of those who serve in the various United States special operations forces, or SOF.

These cumulative effects – physical and mental – arise from both the rigorous selection and training SOF operators endure along with their numerous deployments and the high frequency of their often-difficult missions and operations. One of the main causes is repeated exposure to blast waves such as breaching charges, gunfire, and other types of explosions.

Nearly all operators experience shared symptoms including but not limited to: sleep disturbance, low testosterone levels, decreased sense of worth, decreased motivation, emotional numbing, feeling detached from the self and more. These symptoms can often lead to self-medication via substance abuse, contributing to extraordinarily high divorce rates, and so much more. Our special operators are often suffering from very real brain injuries that negatively impact every aspect of their lives.

More troubling these brain injuries are located so deeply in the brain they are undetectable by MRI- meaning our nation’s finest are experiencing very negative symptoms, seeking answers, and simply being told that their brain scans are “normal.”

We must approach operator healthcare and healing differently. We need to educate the community about Operator Syndrome, and connect them with professionals who understand operator syndrome and how to best help them.




Our Clinical Partners work with you to develop an individual plan, using techniques easy to incorporate into your daily life.  These professionals are trained in mindfulness, yoga, and body-focused techniques to help you feel settled and able to manage life stressors.  By utilizing evidence-based techniques to tolerate distress, regulate and manage difficult emotions, target negative thinking, and develop adaptive responses to stressors.  Participants will then be able to engage in practices to develop healthy communication skills, reduce trauma symptoms, and regain healthy functioning.

The provided services are of no cost to the individual war fighter. We rely on your tax deductable donations to continue to do so.

Services provided:

One on one services

Reset retreats for both the service member and spouses



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