Operator Reset Week

Special Operations Wounded Warriors is proud to provide partnerships with various Psychological Health & Performance professionals to support our Active duty and Veteran Reset Week program.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) impacts almost a quarter of Veterans of all conflicts, and can impact us in many ways.  Veterans can experience a lack of enjoyment in activities, difficulty establishing trust or feeling safe, and feel constantly on alert and uneasy in unfamiliar situations. 

This is a normal reaction to abnormal events. 

Reliving memories, feeling disconnected from yourself or others, struggling to find purpose, acting recklessly, difficulty sleeping, and irritability are just some of the ways that your experiences can continue to impact you, even after you come home.  It can impact your relationships with your family, friends, and even yourself.  Combat is not the only way you can experience an increase in stress.  Other factors that we experience in combat, such as politics surrounding the war, the type of enemy you face, and what you do during the war can also impact an already-stressful situation.  Trauma can also occur outside of war, as a part of your duties. 

There is hope. What you are experiencing is normal, and it does not have to control you.  Our professionals are connected with the Military and Veteran community, and have been through specialized training to help give you the skills you need to manage what you’re experiencing.  We work with you to find out what you need, and then teach you how to do those things and get back your life. 


Our clinicians work with you to develop an individual plan, using techniques easy to incorporate into your daily life.  Our clinicians are trained in mindfulness, yoga, and body-focused techniques to help you feel settled and able to manage life stressors.  We utilize evidence-based techniques to tolerate distress, regulate and manage difficult emotions, target negative thinking, and develop adaptive responses to stressors.  Participants will engage in practices to develop healthy communication skills, reduce trauma symptoms, and regain healthy functioning.

The provided services are of no cost to the individual war fighter. We rely on your tax deductable donations to continue to do so.

Services provided:

One on one services

Reset retreats for both the service member and spouses


For more confidential information on our program