SOWW sending holiday packages to special operations forces overseas

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Special Operations Wounded Warriors organization is sending 50 holiday packages to special operations teams overseas.

This is the second year SOWW has sent holiday boxes, and they were able to double the amount of troops they reached compared to last year.

SOWW is a local organization that works with wounded warriors and troops that have received a purple heart.

Jess Aylward, a member of the board of SOWW, said they received a lot of feedback from soldiers about the boxes last year.

He said there was one thing they asked for in this year’s packages.

“They wanted more candy, more calories.  They loved it,” said Aylward.

The boxes are filled with Snickers, Hershey bars, KitKats, and all kinds of candy.

Pine Lakes Tavern hosted the packaging event and also donated shot glasses, t-shirts and koozies.

Nick’s Cigar World in North Myrtle Beach also donated cigars and had a handwritten note with them that read, ‘Enjoy a small treat from home and get home soon.’

The boxes are going to two special operations teams in Afghanistan, just in time for the holidays.

“It’s just a friendly reminder that we are thinking about them and that it means something that they are over there,” said Aylward.

Close to a dozen volunteers gathered at pine lakes tavern in myrtle beach to divvy up donated items into each soldiers’ unexpected box.

“We try to do as much as we can. Sometimes we don’t do as much as we want to but just doing these little things, just coming out to Pine Lakes Tavern and having everybody to help these guys was a treat,” said Mike Lubas, the bar manager at Pine Lake Tavern in Myrtle Beach.

Lubas said it’s the little things in they put in the box that he hopes will make their holiday a little easier to get through because they won’t be home with their loved ones.

“For us it’s easy to run down to the corner store and just grab things that we need and want, those guys don’t have that luxury so it’s real nice to be able to supply them with just a little bit of home,” said Lubas.

If you would like to donate and help SOWW, you can log on to their website.

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