Takin’ Bacon Low Country Hog Hunt

Takin’ Bacon is our flagship event! This event which was first held in 2009 and eventually evolved into the charity we now call SOWW.  The name SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) is also a reference to our humble beginnings of offering a 2 day hog hunt to 8 Wounded Operators in 2009. This 5 day, 4 night event, takes place from a Wed – Sun, and is conducted in February each year. The areas hunted are located in both North and South Carolina’s low country. The target specie is feral hogs and are hunted by stalking along with the use of guides. The hunting is intense and at times physically demanding. Over the years we have hunted in the heat, the cold, the rain, the sun, and even snow. The topography varies from farmland, pine hills, and low country swamps. We have hunted on foot, with boats, atvs, and have even done some swimming through rivers and swamps. It is as close to a primal hunt as we offer and is without question, a adrenaline pumping experience. In past years our hunt has been filmed with highlights of the week being shown on several hunting programs and also has been reported in several news magazines and internet publications. Where Takin’ Bacon is a physically intense event… we have devised ways for Wounded Operators facing some of the most traumatic physical limitations to still successfully participate in the hunting experience.

Whereas hunting is an element of the weeks activities, the event is also accompanied with great food and some outstanding fellowship time. There is truly a therapeutic benefit of spending time “in the woods” with Mother Nature and with like minded individuals. Our Board and Volunteers go all out to provide our VIPs with a top notch week full of thanks appreciation and fellowship. The fireside time is full of fun and great memories. Our VIPs have the opportunity to visit with other Wounded Operators that are joining them for the week’s activities and also those from past years that return to support the new attendees. The event closes with a Sat night party followed by our Sunday farewell luncheon and awards ceremony. This event is typically full several weeks out with multiple people wait-listed.