We put a lot of hard work into recognizing, recruiting, and verifying all of our Wounded Warrior Participants at any of our events. All participants are thoroughly vetted prior to our issuing an invite for any of our activities. SOWW relies heavily on our partnership with SOCOM’s Care Coalition and also on other relationships within the SOF communities to field our candidates.

All of our participants are either active duty or veteran/retired representatives of the SOF communities and most have been awarded our Country’s prestigious Purple Heart Medal. SOWW does allow some exceptions on a case by case basis for members of SOF that received significant wounds or injuries during non-combat actions in which they do not qualify for a Purple Heart Medal. In addition to Purple Heart recipients, SOWW recognizes injuries sustained during significant training incidents or overseas missions where the Purple Heart was not applied for. SOWW also recognizes “injuries” such as TBI and PTSD for consideration for participation in our events. Again, each nomination is viewed on a case by case basis and invitees are ultimately determined after review of our Board of Directors.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or an individual, you can do so by completing the form below:

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  • Please show name as shown on your identification used for travel.
  • Please provide an address that allows written communication between SOWW and you. This address will be used to send any relevant materials prior to or after your participation into an event.
  • For ticketing purposes please provide your correct Date of Birth that matches the identification that you would use for travel.

Completing a Nomination Form does not guarantee acceptance or participation in any event. All nominations that are received will be thoroughly reviewed and all information will be verified through various channels. SOWW is proud to partner with SOCOM’s Care Coalition who will be assisting us in vetting all nominations and also in supplying potential candidates. All information provided to SOWW will be held in the strictest of confidence.

In the event that you are nominating another individual, please verify the individuals willingness to participate prior to sending us the nomination form.

You do have the ability to nominate yourself or another individual for a specific event. Please note that many of our events are completed using a small group of SOF at any given time, which limits our ability to fulfill all requests. In the event that a slot is unavailable for a specific event, a qualifying nominee may be given the opportunity to participate in other events throughout the year.