Retired Navy SEAL LT. Jason Redman to Highlight SOWW Dinner & Charity Auction as Guest Speaker

SOWW is happy to announce that retired Navy SEAL, Lt. Jason Redman, will be serving as our guest speaker at our upcoming Wild Game Dinner and Fundraiser on February 7th, 2015. The event will be held at The Crown Reef Conference Center in Myrtle Beach, SC from 5:30pm – 10:00pm.


Jason Redman was born in a small town in southern central Ohio and attended schools in Ohio, North Carolina, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Florida before graduating from Lumberton High School in Southern North Carolina.  He joined the Navy on September 11, 1992 and began his naval career at boot camp in Orlando, Florida.

Jason spent his first two years in the Navy working as an Intelligence Specialist working for and around Naval Special Warfare.  During Boot Camp he tried out and was accepted for Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S) and he reported to BUD/S in January of 1995.  He enjoyed a full year of friendly instructors, relaxing times on the beach, and endless nights under the Coronado moon before graduating with BUD/S class 202 in December of 1995.

Jason set off on a whirlwind career, completing three deployments to South America where he conducted numerous Counter Drug missions throughout Colombia and Peru. He returned in December of 2000 to become an instructor for his SEAL Team’s Basic Land Warfare block of training.  He spent the next year and a half teaching Marksmanship, Reconnaissance and Surveillance operations, and advanced communications.

In August of 2000, Petty Officer 1st Class Redman was one of fifty naval enlisted members selected for the prestigious Seaman to Admiral Program.  He began school at Old Dominion University in August of 2001 and became a member of the Old Dominion University Navy ROTC working his way up to the become the Student Battalion Commander in charge of the largest NROTC Battalion on the East Coast. During his final semester Jason decided to create the Run for Freedom.  On April 3rd , 2004, Navy and Army ROTC Officer Candidates, Midshipmen, and Cadets, along with other ODU students, faculty and staff, joined community and military members in running the American flag nonstop on a one-mile course around the campus. Each mile, completed by a solo runner, was in honor of a single service man or woman killed in the War on Terror. At the completion of each lap, a small flag bearing the service member’s name was placed in a pegboard as a visual memorial to the more than 700 troops who have been killed since September 2001.  This momentous event raised more than $27,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Freedom Alliance, both of which provide scholarships and support for the families of the fallen troops.  It additionally received local, regional, and even national media coverage.  The success of the Run for Freedom was a direct reflection of the unification of a community behind a good idea for a great cause. Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management; Summa Cum Laude with Honors in Business Administration.  He was commissioned in May of 2004 as a Naval SEAL Officer.

Ensign Redman immediately reported to his new SEAL Team and was directly assigned as an Assistant Platoon Commander.  His platoon deployed to Afghanistan in July of 2005 and conducted numerous operations that directly contributed to the Global War on Terror.

In May of 2006, he graduated from the grueling US Army Ranger Course of Instruction to further his tactical knowledge and increase his understanding of Joint Operations and Army mission planning. In May 2007, LTJG Redman deployed to Fallujah, Iraq and served as Mobility Force Commander and Assault Force Commander for over 40 Direct Action missions throughout western Iraq.

On September 13, 2007 while acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual LTJG Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire and he along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight.  Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as multiple rounds to his helmet, Night Vision Goggles, body armor, and weapon, Jason and his Team fought valiantly winning the fight, ensuring everyone came home alive.

While recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, LT Redman wrote and hung a bright orange sign on his door, which became a statement and symbol for wounded warriors everywhere.  This sign gained national recognition and earned LT Redman and his family an invitation to meet President George W. Bush. The original sign on the door, signed by President Bush, now hangs in the Wounded Ward at the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda.  After 37 surgeries, he uses his experiences as a severely wounded service member and positive attitude to motivate others and to continue to raise awareness of the sacrifices of America’s courageous military forces and their families.

This drive led him to create Wounded Wear, a Non-Profit organization designed to help wounded warriors, their families, and families of the fallen rediscover the Hero Within through free clothing, clothing modifications, and empowering events and opportunities. Additionally, Wounded Wear spreads awareness throughout the country of the sacrifices that wounded service members, their families, and the families of fallen service members have made in the name of freedom.

In Jason’s spare time he speaks across the country spreading his message of life, inspiration, and shedding light on the sacrifices that enable the Freedoms of our great republic.  He has spoken to many great organizations including the Marriott Corporation, the NFL Cincinnati Bengals, ODU Monarchs Football Team, NASCAR, and even had the honor to speak to the US Men’s 2010 Olympic Hockey team prior to their first game.

In July 2010, Jason joined three other wounded service members and reached the summit of Mount Rainier as a testament to wounded warriors and all Americans that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if you have the drive, the determination, and the tenacity to rise above.

He was recognized in November of 2009 by his alma mater Old Dominion University with their prestigious Alumni Service Award in recognition of exemplary leadership, and significant, compassionate service to community, state, and nation and was a 2010 recipient of the Hope for the Warriors, Hope and Courage award.  The Hampton Roads community and Wendy’s recognized him with their Military Hero award in 2013.

In November of 2013, Jason with help of acclaimed writer John R. Bruning released, The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader.  It is on it’s way to being a national best seller.

Jason lives in Virgina with his wife Erica and three children Phoenix, Angelica, and Mackenzie


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