Dates Announced for Takin Bacon 2013

We are proud to announce that the dates for Takin Bacon 2013 have been determined. We will be holding the event February 22-24, 2013 at an undisclosed location. All hunters are Special Operations Forces members who have received wounds in combat. Donations are needed to help cover expenses. It is a wonderful opportunity to serve those who have chosen to serve for us. Click here for more info.

Reaper Outdoors TV Footage

SOWW was thrilled to have Reaper Outdoors and their television show, as some of our VIP’s that participated in Operation Takin’ Bacon 2012. These great Americans spent the entire weekend with us and with our invited guests, for the purpose of documenting the events of the weekend. The shows star, Ron Bellan (known as Reaper 01), is also a Navy Seal. Due to Ron’s direct tie with the military, and more importantly to our United States Special Operations Forces, we were able to allow Ron to film certain parts of the event while ensuring that any of our VIPs that couldn’t be seen on film were properly protected. Reaper Outdoors Survive the Hunt can be seen on the Pursuit Network, DirecTV channel 608. Click here to view video segments of the show in which we were featured.

Operation Takin’ Bacon

Several months ago the membership voted to support a hunt for wounded warriors in South Carolina. The hunt, called Operation Takin’ Bacon, was organized by an army buddy of mine, Brian Molaschi. As the name implies, Takin’ Bacon is a hunt for feral hogs, which are a huge nuisance in the south. This is the second year Brian has put together this outing. Takin’ Bacon focuses on members of the special operations community who have been wounded in combat. The hunters were from the Ranger Regiment, SEALs, Special Forces, SAS, and MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Brothers and Sisters, this was money well spent.

The hunt started on Friday, March 9th, with members of the 82nd Airborne Free-Fall Demonstration Team jumping in the American flag. The three paratroopers made perfect landings in front of a crowd of wounded warriors, supporters, and their families. The demonstration was a hug hit with the children who lined up for photos with the jumpers afterwards. Seeing the excitement in the young faces as they watched their first jump was a real treat for many of the current and former paratroopers in attendance. Read more